Programme outline

The purpose and rationale behind the programme

Learning with Technology has made substantial strides over the last thirty years, achieving real penetration into people’s everyday lives in the last decade. It is a naturally inter-disciplinary field of study drawing on organisational theories, psychology, sociology, pedagogy, design and computer science. The pace of change in technology development means that knowledge in the field is rapidly changing and many practitioners are leaders in the field. The purpose of this course is to develop your capacity for action research, ability as a critically reflective problem solver and effectiveness as an evidence-based ‘improver’ in your work context where your primary role is to develop the practices of learning with technology.Study will provide the opportunity to become well versed in the inter-disciplinary knowledge and practice that are relevant to your work role.  You will become confident in your ability to argue from an informed position about current issues and developments at the forefront of the Learning with Technology debate.

To help achieve the above you will:
•    develop intellectual tools and techniques to help you inquire into your own professional practice
•    engage in discussions with internationally recognised experts in Learning with Technology and draw on existing bodies of knowledge
•    develop skills of using professional and theoretical knowledge to inform and develop your practice
•    receive personal support from a learning facilitator who will help you integrate your work and study and apply rigorous inquiry processes
•    belong to a community of inquiry where you will exchange ideas, offer moral support, and study collectively with other people working in the field of learning with technology
•    develop communication and persuasion skills and plan and implement change strategies