Stephen Powell Mob: 0785 486 4124 skype: stephenpowell

Mark Johnson Mob: 0797 062 0201 skype: mwjohnson2

Richard Millwood Mob: 0779 055 8641 skype: richardmillwood

Student advice and support including Accommodation, Careers, Chaplaincy, Counselling, Disability, Enrolment and Student Finance.


16 responses to “Contacts

  1. Contact Details for Myself :-
    Stefano Ghazzali
    Learning Technologist
    MBS Worldwide
    t: +44(0)1248 672273

  2. and for me:

    t: +44(0)1204 903842
    m: +44(0)7946 304937
    skype: markleepower

  3. skype: shirleypickford

    I’m reluctant to publish my other contact details online in public but will happily share them with staff and course members. Perhaps a Google document would be a good way to share phone numbers and email addresses, or something similarly tucked away from plain sight.

  4. Yes, a Google doc or something inside Moodle would be good for this.

  5. Yep, either – or. πŸ™‚

    Another contact tool – of sorts – is our blogs. Well…to be honest this post is merely my excuse to now let you all know that I have now set one up purposefully for my work on this course πŸ˜‰

    Link to it from my name of course. If you’re interested you can also view my longer standing ‘photoblog’ by just deleting the /masters/blog/ bit off that address.

  6. Cool Mark,

    Like your photography as well how long you been doing it ???

    People can also contact me on my blog as well, been a bit slack not posted in over a year hoping to remedy that !!!

    Or on Face book probably get an answer quicker

  7. Nice one Mark , like the blog so far and enjoyed your photoblog , I will also be posting on my work blog

    Hopefully will be able to keep up to date this time !!

  8. Hi Mark, I may have just commented twice in your blog because there was a little blip. I agree that a blog can be useful as a contact tool. I use my main blog to jot down ideas connected with work and my research interests.

  9. Hi Mark, Like the blog, and he photoblog buddy !!!

    My Work one is

    And I am trying to keep it up to date, hoping the course will persuade me to use it more

  10. Hi Mark,

    Like the blog and the phtoblog mate, how long you been taking pictures ????

    Anyway my work blog is

    And I hoping the course will entice me to post more on my blog !!!!

  11. Hi

    here are my contact details:

    Tele: 01379 641004
    Skype: colin.shaw1973



  12. Sorry – missed these posts until now :}

    Thanks Stef – been doing it about 3/4 years now. Glad you like it.

    On the Masters blog I’ve now made TWO posts! Wow…and we haven’t even started yet! πŸ˜‰

    Hi to Colin too, welcome aboard and all that – look forward to us working together.


  13. Nice one Mark, Good Effort on the photos, also this course has encouraged me to make my first post on my blog in over a year and like you we have not started yet !!!

    Roll on the first hotseat !!!!

    Stefano πŸ™‚

  14. I’ve sent out invitations to a contact list in Google docs, to see if this could be useful. Stefano, an invitation to you should come from one of the others if it works.

    Now I need a coffee πŸ™‚

  15. And a belated hello to this thread from me…

    Skype: easterbysmith
    Twitter: samscam
    Work blog:
    Personal site:

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