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Professor Oleg Liber – Hotseat Expert, October 13th

The link below takes you to a video of Oleg making a presentation on the theme of ‘Technology and the Transformation of Education’ at the University of Liverpool.  A bit of cybernetics, some Viable Systems Model, and some future-gazing…

Have a think about some questions in relation to the work that you do!

Video introduction to the Technologies of the course

This is a short video introduction to the technologies of the course: Skype, Twitter and Moodle

What’s in a ‘hotseat’?

Hi, you will probably have seen that our first hotseat is to be run by Professor Oleg Liber who will be ‘future

gazing’.  So what other topics would be of interest?  We can’t promise anything, but IEC has a wide range of staff with different specialisms and is well connected both nationally and internationally so we can try!

New to online discussion? Does a code of practice help?

We wrote this code of practice (below) for the validation of this degree, based on previous experience of facilitating online community.

What do you think about the code? Continue reading

The Institute for Educational Cybernetics (IEC) community

You will be joining a community of 25 staff who work for the IEC, a research group at UoB.  Our mission  is to:

develop a better understanding of how information and communications technologies affect the organisation of education from individual learning to the global system

The background of IEC staff is diverse and includes researchers, programmers, and educationalists who work nationally and internationally on many projects and collaborations some of which can be read about here and the Jisc Cetis webiste in particular is a good place to get involved with dfferent interets groups and activities.  Some of you know us well already, and as you progress with your studies you will have the chance to discus your reserach and ideas with many of the department either through the formal ‘hotseat’ programme or through other chanels – an important aspect of the experience we have designed so be bold and make connections!

Inquiry-based, work-focussed learning – how it works!

For this Masters degree we are expecting you to become an inquiry-led, work-focussed learner – but what does this mean? Continue reading