We have thought through an approach to group calendaring that will provide a public calendar that can be edited by those connected with the MLWT. The best option at the moment appears to be Google Calendar which you will be able to edit once added once shared using your Google accounts for authentication – invites to follow…

Th calendar It is a bit sparse at the moment, but over the next few days I will be filing it in – everyone is encouraged to contribute to it with useful dates or reminders.

Even better, it offers ics which means that you can take a ‘feed’ and add it to your own calendar tool or if you want to you can simply browse the calendar as a web page.

There are two drawbacks that we can see thus far. The first is that you do need a Google account to edit the calendar (arguably as omnipresent as Micrisoft) and the second is that the ics is unidirectional, that is all edits need to be done whilst logged into Google and not from elsewhere.


12 responses to “Calendar

  1. Hi Guys ,

    Being cheeky , don’t suppose you have that schedule as an ical file ???

    Stefano 🙂

  2. Afraid not, however there is no reason why we can’t do something – just needs some thought. What would be a good online tool for this, Google Calendar?

  3. Hi Stephen ,

    Yeah that could be cool also maybe as I have suggested we could set up our own social network on and use that facility what do you think ??

    Google or Yahoo calendar could be cool anyone used them ??

  4. Yeah, Google I have used but tend to use iCal on my Mac. Should be a simple case of someone putting these entries in and saving out as an .ics file that we can then import into whichever calendar we chose to use.

  5. Having said that the file would have to be updated wouldn’t it…so scratch that. Up to you Stephen but Google will do the trick 🙂

  6. A Google calendar works for me, with luck I might even be able to show it in my Google Site where I’m experimenting with a personal wiki as a place for course notes.

  7. Is that using iGoogle, Shirley? I’m using a similar thing with Netvibes at the moment but have phases where I switch around to others – iGoogle, Pageflakes, WebJam, etc.

    I’m wondering whether there could be a page like that set up for this course – RSS feeds,, video, Google Docs, Calendar, etc…all pulled into one page – accessible to all of us.

    Stephen/Mark/Richard – what d’you think?

  8. Lets Give it a go then , Stephen will you set up or do you want me to do it , happy either way


  9. If you create a Google Calendar and then make it public, it can be subscribed to with icalendar apps including ical – thus, as long as your settings are to update it, you can keep up automatically with changes like an RSS feed.

  10. I will look into Google Calendar this week and yes Mark, some aggregation is needed. It might be that Yahoo Pipes that I am using for blogs will do this – again I will look into it this week…

  11. Hi

    I have Google Calendar ready and waiting!


  12. Stephen Powell

    Thanks for all the suggestions, the links in the post now take you to a Google Calendar – at last!

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