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Module timeline 2009

IDIBL timeline & activities

Induction will be from Monday 28th September.

Week 1 will start on Monday  12th October 2009 – the formal start.

We are aiming for the final stitched patchwork on Friday 29th January 2010 – the end of course.

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RSS – Real Simple Syndication – notifying you of new things

Taking it into the community

I have been puzzled by this question  – how do I take a private conversation with a student researcher into the wider context of the online community so that all can benefit and contribute? Since we are held up in using Moodle until everyone is registered and enrolled, and so do not have a proper private community for just us, I am reluctant to post the details in this pubkic arena and thus find myself a bit frozen. It underlines for me how important the respect and trust between participants is and how tricky it can be to control.  I’ll probably end up just using email until we’re sorted…

New to online discussion? Does a code of practice help?

We wrote this code of practice (below) for the validation of this degree, based on previous experience of facilitating online community.

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The Institute for Educational Cybernetics (IEC) community

You will be joining a community of 25 staff who work for the IEC, a research group at UoB.  Our mission  is to:

develop a better understanding of how information and communications technologies affect the organisation of education from individual learning to the global system

The background of IEC staff is diverse and includes researchers, programmers, and educationalists who work nationally and internationally on many projects and collaborations some of which can be read about here and the Jisc Cetis webiste in particular is a good place to get involved with dfferent interets groups and activities.  Some of you know us well already, and as you progress with your studies you will have the chance to discus your reserach and ideas with many of the department either through the formal ‘hotseat’ programme or through other chanels – an important aspect of the experience we have designed so be bold and make connections!