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Course Calendar

We have thought through an approach to group calendaring that will provide a public calendar that can be edited by those connected with the MLWT.  The best option at the moment appears to be Google Calendar which you will be able to edit once added once shared using your Google accounts for authentication –  invites to follow…

Th calendar It is a bit sparse at the moment, but over the next few days I will be filing it in – everyone is encouraged to contribute to it with useful dates or reminders.

Even better, it offers ics which means that you can take a ‘feed’ and add it to your own calendar tool or if you want to you can simply browse the calendar as a web page.

There are two drawbacks that we can see thus far.  The first is that you do need a Google account to edit the calendar (arguably as omnipresent as Micrisoft) and the second is that the ics is unidirectional, that is all edits need to be done whilst logged into Google and not from elsewhere.