Taking it into the community

I have been puzzled by this question  – how do I take a private conversation with a student researcher into the wider context of the online community so that all can benefit and contribute? Since we are held up in using Moodle until everyone is registered and enrolled, and so do not have a proper private community for just us, I am reluctant to post the details in this pubkic arena and thus find myself a bit frozen. It underlines for me how important the respect and trust between participants is and how tricky it can be to control.  I’ll probably end up just using email until we’re sorted…


16 responses to “Taking it into the community

  1. Could we not maybe have another private blog such at the hotseat blog or if the uni are still slacking but getting us the moodle access how about we just set up our own network on ning or something of the like ???

  2. Stephen Powell

    Hi Stefano, I will contact registration again tomorrow – if we don’t have some confidence that all of this will be sorted by this Friday, then I agree we should do something different.

    One option is to simply run up a Moodle ourselves – quick and easy to do and we sidestep all of this nonsense. When they do finally get sorted, we could consider migration…

    How does that sound?

  3. That sounds a sensible plan, Stephen. Having another private blog just gives us yet another separate entity where discussions take place. I’d also thought about Ning too as I ‘own’ a network on there already…but again, a separate place that will then have to live on its own.

    No…a Moodle annex makes sense 🙂

  4. Oh for crying out loud…can people ignore the link from my name in the above post please.

    When viewing the Hotseat blog I have to login using my wordpress details and that then links to an old (and disused) blog from ages back. The real masters blog is linked to wherever my name is displayed as Mark Power as then I’m not still logged in… *sigh*

  5. louisebrenchley1

    Hi Guys,

    Firstly, Great to hear Shirley’s Dad is a little better. You are in all our thoughts!!

    Secondly, thanks for sharing all your tech nightmares with me.
    I feel a little less frustrated and have worked out that you can only use
    the web for one thing at a time. I’ve been trying to minimise things then get back to them.

    I have to confess it isn’t quite as bad as the MEd. I did in 2002. Three times I made the same mistake of doing a
    whole assignment in Word on my lap top ( a rickety old toshiba) then taking it into work on a
    floppy disc to print as I had no printer. Each time not being able to find it. Re writing whole thing from scratch from memory
    and then being told that all I had to do was click ‘update’ and my file would have opened. My laptop used Windows 95
    and the school computers at work were Windows 98 so my work hadn’t really disappeared at all.

    Now that was frustrating.

    Anyway am doing my Oleg comments in Word and will send them on soon.

    Keep laughing,


  6. Good Idea Stephen 😉

  7. Stephen Powell

    Richard, even when we do have Moodle the problem will remain.

    Community learning (please discuss the meaning:^) is central to the approach we have designed. However, you will continually be faced with this dilemma as students and staff email you or have discussions that have a restricted audience.

    We are left with this ‘messy’ reality and all that any of us can do is to try and remember
    1. communicate as much as possibly in a way that includes the community
    2. when we end up in having restricted communications, where possible (being sensitive and ethical) share summaries of such communications for the benefit of others.


  8. Well I start the comments off shall I ,

    Stephen your comments on Community learning as a discussion point, I would be interested to hear other people’s definitions of this term.

    To me it relates to adult learners and is external to the educational institutions also where the education is not an enforced curriculum and the students directs their own learning with the aid of the community, and I think that this can be related to social constructivism in my opinion

    I have read various papers on learning in communities and community learning and most of them seem to be referencing brookfield[83] will have to do some more research before I can comment any further


  9. Hi Stephen

    Is there any news on login details for Moodle yet?



  10. Hi Stephen,

    Can I echo that got my student card and enrollment conformation but no user ID’s

    Stefano 🙂

  11. Stephen Powell

    Hi guys, I think that is all you require – there is no password other than your student ID. I will post the link to Moodle and you can try!

    In fact before that, try logging into the library http://prism.talis.com/bolton-ac/borrowerservices.php?messageNlsid=borrowerservices_notloggedin&referer=account.php

    Note how to get in first time with the default password.

    Cheers, Stephen.

  12. Will try this eve !!!!

  13. Managed to get Username e.t.c logged into moodle no conversations there yet also told me I could not access the module specific discussions because I was not part of a group !!!

    Managed to get into library and webmail and student record

    Nice One Stephen

    Stefano 🙂

  14. Like Stefano, I managed to get around various bits. In moodle I had a look around one of the other module wikis, as I couldn’t get access to the current module wiki or forum. It all looks very promising.

  15. Stephen Powell

    Must be progress eh! I will work on the glitches aiming to sort them by end of play Monday at the latest…

    Thanks for your patience!

  16. Hi Stephen

    I am able to log into the the library, but not moodle? Please can you email the moodle link just in case I am in the wrong place!!

    This is the site I have been going to:



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